Rinty enjoys a picnic on the hillside with his master and family.

 Neighboring rancher Bart Hawkins brings the sheriff over to demand that Rin Tin Tin be shot for killing his sheep.

 Rinty returns the next morning after chasing a condor all night, but John ignores him thinking he has really killed some sheep.

 The law of the range requires that any dog killing sheep must be killed. John closes his eyes to complete the deed.

 John and the sheriff see the condor with a sheep he has killed.

 Hawkins tries to choke Rinty.

 Baby Louise has been taken to a mountain perch by the condor.

 As John and Helen come down off the mountain with their baby, they see Hawkins about to kill the injured Rin Tin Tin.

 Hawkins raises an ax to finish off the injured Rinty.

 Rinty is exonerated and receives the gratitude of his family for saving the baby from the condor.

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