The bos'n of the Esther enlists the aid of the gunner of the Constitution to shanghai the boy.

 On the Esther, the girl shows the boy how to peel potatoes.

 Captured by pirates and being sold as slaves.

 Stephen Decatur asks Commodore Preble for permission to sneak into the harbor at Tripoli and blow up the Philadelphis to keep the pirates from using the ship against them.

 Having escaped his captors, the boy tells the girl, who is still in the hands of the pirates, that he will come back for her.

 Back on the Constitution, the gunner shows the cook and the bos'n his cannon, Loud Lucy.

 The boy begs Commodore Preble not to blow up the Esther since the girl is still captive on the ship.

 Battling the pirates.

 The girl helps the boy fight off his attacker by hitting the pirate over the head with a pistol.

 Back and the helm of the Esther and headed home.

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