Scenes from the Movie

Mary Ellen buys the rickety old Tourist car from a junk dealer.

 The Stack family leaves New York with all their worldly possessions and heads for California!

 Mary Ellen meets former beau Bill at a roadside diner.

 At a automobile camp, Mary Ellen meets Dudley, but Bill takes her away.

 Pa trades away the old Tourist automobile and is distraught when he learns that the old car is worth $10,000.

 The Stacks are robbed by road agents.

 Bill tells them to take his car on to California, and he'll stay and repair theirs.

 Dudley convinces them that Bill is after the $10,000 for the old car.

 Mary Ellen is overjoyed when she learns Bill wasn't after the money even though the car is traveling rapidly down a hill with no brakes!

 Finally, they arrive at their new home in California.

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