Scenes from the Movie

 Diana and Neville meet at the tree where they declared their love as children.

 Diana calms her brother, Jeffry, who is angry with her for making David, who happens to be Jeffry's hero, wait.

 Sir Morton Holderness, Neville's father, tells Diana that Neville has gone away to Egypt.

 Diana and David on their wedding night.

 Diana is questioned after David's death.

 Neville and his fiancée, Constance.

 After spending the night together, Neville and Diana realize they must say goodbye.

 Diana, sick and in a nursing home, caresses the flowers Neville sent her.

 When Neville decides to leave Constance and go to South America with Diana, Sir Morton attempts to appeal her "honor" and talk her out of it.

 Dr. Trevelyan holds Diana's hand following her car crash and Sir Morton looks on.

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