Scenes From the Movie

Nellie and Lou look at an ad for the resort that Nellie will be going to posing as the wealthy socialite "Ethel Van Dusen."

 Tom pays the landlady for the room he secured in a cheap hotel near the resort.

 After they meet on the beach, Tom invites Nellie to dinner. However, he turns away to count his money after seeing the prices on the menu.

 The fake Count Spagnoli and a motorboat operator read in the newspaper that Ethel Van Dusen has just inherited a fortune. The two, thinking Nellie is Miss Van Dusen, plot to kidnap her.

 Count Spagnoli has taken Nellie (who he thinks is Ethel Van Dusen) to an island and threatens to leave her if she doesn't make out a check to him for $10,000.

 Tom holds a gun on the motorboat operator demanding that he take him to Nellie.


 Count Spagnoli is arrested when he tries to cash the check Nellie made out to him.

 Back home, they discover each other in the department store.

 Together . . . as themselves!

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