Scenes from the Movie

 "We kidnap the beauty, you come along and save her, she throws herself into your arms with gratitude and there you have it."

  "Here is the secret passage."

  "To escape completely from your abduction, let these good dogs which surround you lead the way."

  "The Licorice Kid recognizes with horror his little friend's mother."

  "Come quickly to the Kerjean mill. There you will find Favraux's daughter."

  "Jump over, my little chum, and don't be afraid. It's all part of the plan."

  "Who's in that room."

  "I was taken by surprise and gagged . . . I don't know by whom . . ."

  "I have come to negotiate Favraux's ransom."

  "We will dispose of this Judex a few miles from here."

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