Scenes from the movie

 Sadie arrives on the island and immediately becomes popular with the Marines.

 "I know who you are, Sadie Thompson!"

 Sadie and Sgt. Tim O'Hara, whom she refers to as "Handsome."

 "Sadie Thompson, you are an evil woman!"

"You'd tear out your own mother's heart if she didn't agree with you and call it saving her soul!"

 "Mr. Davidson, the governor says I could go to Sydney instead of San Francisco if it's all right with you."

 "I gotta go back -- to prison -- I'm innocent, but Mr. Davidson says it's the only way to repent."

I'm beginning to suspect that our friend's dreams about Miss Thompson are not altogether unpleasant."

 "Sadie, you don't have to go back to San Francisco."

 When O'Hara tells Sadie he only has four weeks left in service, she tells him, "I'd wait a million years for you."

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