After providing a cushion for her back, a footstool and a cover for her legs. Von Steuben hopes to win Mrs. Armstrong's favor.

 "I love you."

 Von Steuben watches as Mrs. Armstrong returns the much too expensive box. He will come back later and purchase it as a gift for her.

 Desperate for her husband's attentions, she asks to accompany him to the Pinnacle hut where he will begin his early morning ascent up the mountain.


Von Steuben is surprised when he slips into Mrs. Armstrong's room in the middle of the night and finds Dr. Armstrong's guide, Sepp. Sepp escorts him back to his room.

 Sepp advises Von Steuben and Dr. Armstrong before they leave for their climb.

"Do you think they are in danger?"

 "Did my wife consent to go away with you?"

 Sepp prepares to rescue Dr. Armstrong.

 Goodbye to a dear friend.

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