Scenes from the movie

 Spoiled, rich college student Phil West is taken by the beautiful librarian Amelia Griggs.

 Phil finds that he has a rival for Amelia's affections in the form of Reverend Gates.

 The Griggs are so poor there is no food for the cat, so Mrs. Griggs takes him to the neighbor's garbage can for scraps.

 Phil continues to try and win Amelia's heart by bringing her flowers when she is sick.

 Desperate to provide some healthy nourishment for her sick daughter, Mrs. Griggs steals a chicken from the window of the neighbor's house.

 Phil is having difficulty eating his expensive dinner with friends after learning of the Griggs' poverty.

 Phil has had a change of heart, and, instead of being the disruptive pupil, he offers Professor Griggs a ride home.

 Amelia saw her mother take the chicken from the Olsens' window and goes to Mrs. Olsen to apologize and pay for it. She collapses under the strain and is taken from the Olsen home by her mother and Phil.

 Amelia hugs her mother after the stressful incident.

 Reverend Gates walks up on Phil and Amelia in a romantic moment and realizes he is not the one who has won her affections.

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