Scenes from the movie

(Tinting of photos on this page does not reflect the tinting in the Milestone Films DVD release)

 In Orange Springs: "A church social was a sporting event. Girls who hobnobbed at the soda fountain were talked about."

 Ginger and the girls at her boarding school watch the stranger go by on his horse and wonder what he may be - everything from an actor to a wife beater!

 When the sleigh in which Ginger and Bill are riding overturns, Bill runs off chasing the sleigh and horse. The handsome stranger, Richard Channing, comes along and finds Ginger all covered with snow.

 Thinking Ginger is older than she really is, Channing invites Ginger to a dance at the local country club. Ginger sneaks away from the school, but Miss Paddle arrives to take her back.

 When Ginger runs into Channing at a New York restaurant, she quickly borrows a cigarette and assumes a "grown-up" manner.

 Ginger pretends to be a sophisticated woman of the world when she returns home from school shocking the local minister.

 Ginger addresses the suitcases full of stolen jewels to the police commissioner in New York and takes them to the local train station for delivery.

 Ginger is in trouble with everyone - her father is mad at her. Channing and Bill think she has become a "wicked" woman, and detectives are there from New York to question why she had stolen merchandise.

 When the crooks come to Ginger's house to reclaim their stolen loot, the detectives nab them!

 Ginger returns to her sweet, young self which delights Bill.

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