Scenes from the movie

Albert can't take his eyes off of the Grand Duchess Zenia as she leaves the theatre. 

 The hotel manager reads off the list of expenses the Duchess and her entourage have incurred. Of course, she does not have the money to pay any of them.

 Although a millionaire, Albert poses as a waiter to be near the Duchess. However, he spills cream on her the very first time he tries to wait on her.

 Thinking the Duchess is asleep (she is not), Albert mimes a proposal to her.

 Albert is about to be caught by the Duchess with the maid's head on his shoulder.

 The Duchess is puzzled how she has more money in her purse than the last time she looked.

 The Duchess has ordered her waiter, Albert, to sleep on the mat outside her door and bids him goodnight.

 Finally succumbing to her emotions, the Duchess admits her feelings for the "lowly waiter."

 Albert reads a goodbye letter from Zenia that also asks for his forgiveness.

Although she disappeared, Albert and Zenia are finally reunited.

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