Scenes from the Movie

 "So shall we keep it or drown it?"

  Kincaid meets White Almond Flower for the first time after she drops a cocoanut on him while picking them in the tree above.

  Dan is enamored of White Almond Flower, too, and resents her attentions to Kincaid.

  Although she doesn't know it, White Almond Flower is being watched from three vantage points by Kincaid, Dan and the evil Blackbirder as she dances in front of the idol.

  Kincaid becomes gravely ill and tells Dan and White Almond Flower, "Remember, there is something afterward, My . . . my brother."

  The Chief, excited by a rumor that a new catch of pearls is stored in the missionary's village, tells the Blackbirder who plans an attack on the village.

  The village is being attacked, and Kincaid knows someone must go out and risk his life to beat the drum to signal danger to the men who are on a fishing trip. He kisses White Almond Flower, realizing he may not come back.

  The Blackbirder and his men finally break in and capture White Almond Flower.

  Kincaid's heroism has cost him dearly.

  Both converted, White Almond Flower and Dan are married by Rev. Blythe.

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