Scenes from the movie

 John and Lorna as carefree children.

 Sir Ensor kidnaps Lorna (who is lying across his saddle) and mercilessly pushes her hysterical mother away.

 Sir Ensor treated Lorna as his own child.

 John is swept down the river and over a waterfall, and awakes in the lap of Lorna. They have not seen each other since they were children.

 Old and sick, Sir Ensor can do nothing when the drunken Carver Doone manhandles Lorna.

 Lorna learns of her royal heritage and is taken to London. John comes to visit, and, not realizing it is forbidden, picks up the infant royal Prince.

 Lorna renounces her title, and returns to John.

 As they are reciting their wedding vows, they do not realize Carver is in the small window behind them about to shoot.

 It appears Lorna is going to die, so John swears vengeance on the Doones.

 John and Carver Doone fight to the death.

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