Scenes from the movie

 Tim escapes from the burning building by tying sheets together and climbing out the window.

  When Tim returns the money purse Max dropped, Max agrees to take him on as a partner in the business.

  Tim promises to take care of the ailing Max.

  Buying used clothes on Fifth Avenue.

  A little boy agrees to sell Tim bottles for one cent each, but they must be emptied first. What Tim doesn't realize is they are bottles of expensive wine.

  The Father from the orphanage finds Tim on the street and says he must take him back.

  Tim doesn't anticipate the angry response he's going to get from Mrs. Malloy when he suggests that she and Max get married.

  Tim feels he has failed Max and decides to go back to the orphanage.

  Max angrily confronts the unscrupulous lawyer who stole his invention.

  With wealth regained, Tim and Max begin indulging in more leisurely activities.

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