Scenes from the movie

 Ben Harding is the star pictcher for the small town of Brownville.

 His sweetheart, Maizie . . .

 . . . who also has another suitor, Jim Blair, the banker's son.

 The manager of the Pink Sox tells Ben he may be able to use him one day.

 The big social event in Brownville is the shadow dance. Young men bid on the company of young ladies for the dance based on their shadow. Unfortunately, Ben successfully bids thinking he has won Maizie, but, of course, it isn't.

 A telegram is delivered to the dance informing Ben that he is to report to the Pink Sox.

 Although a large contingent from Brownville show up to support him at one of his games . . .

 . . . Ben has developed a huge ego, and doesn't acknowledge their presence. He spends his time talking to golddigger Pearl Devere.

 Ben's ego and involvement with Pearl has caused him to perform poorly. "Get back to the bushes and think of the chances you've lost," his manager tells him.

 Ben has returned to his hometown broke and ashamed. He vows never to pitch again. However, on the day of the big game with Centerville, Jim tries to "fix" the game to pay off debts. "Bet on Centerville. I've fixed it with Neal Webster to skip out of town. Without him to pitch, Brownville can't win," Jim tells his cohort in crime.

 When all seems lost for Brownville in the big game, Ben is enticed back on the mound.

 Maizie never gave up hope.

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