Scenes from the movie

 Harold works late into the evening finishing his book on his many (imagined) love affairs.

 One of the chapters in his book suggests the "cave man approach" to winning a woman.

 On the train to the publisher's, Harold helps Mary hide her dog from the conductor. When the conductor sees the dog biscuits, he must pretend they are his by eating one.

 Mary's car gets stuck in a ditch outside Little Bend, and the two accidentally meet again at a pond where Harold is daydreaming about her.

 Harold walks dejectedly from the publisher's office as the girls on the staff tease him about his book.

 Wanting to hide his failure from Mary, he tells her their romance was only research for his book and walks away from the park with another woman.

 Harold discovers that Ronald DeVore, the man Mary is to marry, already has a wife.

 One of several modes of transportation Harold uses to get to Mary's wedding is a fire truck. Unfortunately, the fire hose unravels in his hands, and he lands on the pavement.

 Harold tries to tell everyone that Ronald DeVore is already married, but his stuttering won't let him get the words out.

 Mary must blow the postman's whistle so Harold can stop stuttering long enough to propose!

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