Scenes from the movie

Uncle Harry and Alice ride back from the train station, but he is very shy and awkward around this pretty young girl. 

 As Uncle Harry and Alice drive up, they see Toodie dangling from a tree limb.

 The two little girls are rescued from the tree, but now Uncle Harry must climb the tree to retrieve Toodie's doll.

 Getting the starched collars out of the box was easy. Trying to roll them up and get them back in the box proves to be a much more difficult task.

 Toodie tries to shave with Uncle Harry's straight razor and falls off the stool onto the bathroom floor. She is unhurt, but Uncle Harry scolds her for such a dangerous stunt.

 Uncle Harry intended to give Alice flowers and didn't know Toodie had taken his flowers out of the box and put her old doll in instead.

 Chasing after a stray dog, Budge and Toodie encounter some gypsies.

 Uncle Harry gets physical when he thinks the gypsies have kidnapped the girls.

 Oblivious to a train that is approaching from behind, the two girls walk along the railroad track with their dog.

 In spite of all the dangers and a harrowing weekend for Uncle Harry, all ends well.

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