Scenes from the movie

 General Lee gives Jack his orders to stop the Union from getting Woodstock's gold.

  The soldiers measure Jack for his coffin just prior to being stood in front of the firing squad.

  The Indian chief tries to stab Jack, but the knife won't penetrate his coat.

   After Jack blows up the mine, Capt. Logan accuses Woodstock of committing the deed.

  Capt. Logan pulls a trick on Jack by dressing one of his own men in a Confederate uniform.

  Jack leaves his cape hanging out of the attic door, so, while Capt. Logan is preoccupied with the ruse, Jack is able to slip out from behind the chest and get away.

  "You can't hang him. He's my husband!"

  Jack can't figure out how to choose between the two girls, but he hits on a solution to the problem when he meets Brigham Young and his many wives.

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