Scenes from the movie

 The company officials have convinced Tutweiler to propose to A.B. to make sure she never leaves the company. A.B.'s answer is obvious from her expression.

 Jimmie tells his grandmother how A.B., whom he has never seen, fired him by wire from the Omaha office.

 Not realizing A.B. is on the other side of the door, Jimmie tells his grandfather what he thinks of the "flat-chested, flat-heeled, flat-headed Amazon" who fired him.

 Grandma has decided to transform A.B. into a beautiful woman, but she must also teach her to act like a woman. She practices on the stiff, embarrassed butler.

 After her transformation, A.B. is surrounded by all of the men at the weekend retreat. One of them, Doolittle, is a con man.

 "Pardon me, but aren't you A.B.?"

 Jimmie tries to get his grandfather to invest in his new invention - an egg-beater.

 Tutweiler shows Doolittle a sample of the Emeradite that is on the land T.M. is going to purchase. This gives Doolittle an idea for a con job.

 After learning that Doolittle has "conned" Jimmie, A.B. comes up with a plan of her own to "con" Doolittle by sprinkling a little Emeraldite on her hand.

 A.B.'s plan is working beautifully as Tutweiler and Doolittle bid for the little farm Jimmie owns in the country.



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