Scenes from the Movie

 "Can't you give me some money for food?" she pleads.

 Although Mary has come to work as a seamstress, Mrs. Hillary convinces her to put on a beautiful dress and spend time talking to a rich, young millionaire that Mr. Hillary wants to join him in a business deal.

 Mary meets the rich, young millionaire - Roger Manning.

 Mr. Hillary can't convince Roger to join him in the business deal because Roger can't get his mind off the beautiful Mary.

 "You must join us for the weekend."

 "Can't you see I'm falling in love with you?"

 When Denby goes to burlarize a house, he's surprised to find his wife there."

 Caught, he explains, "I just came to see my wife."

 "Tell your rich friend he won't know you after I get through with you."

 Roger is duped into coming to Mary's apartment, and now he's trapped by Denby and Jimmy "The Rat."

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