Scenes from the movie

 Unity Blake, the "Ugly Duckling" of a
London orphanage, plays at being a genteel lady,
to the amusement of her fellow orphans.

 Unity is hired by the abusive Louise Risca to be her maid.

 Following a horrific beating by Louise in a
fit of alcoholic rage, Unity nonetheless shows
her spunky spirit when visited by John Risca,
Louise's estranged husband.

 Stella Maris -- who, like Unity -- is in love
with John -- visits John's home while he is away
and meets Unity


 Following Stella's visit, Unity admires
Stella's beauty in a framed picture that John
keeps on his desk.

 Stella, long sheltered from the realities of
the world during her childhood paralysis, is now
disillusioned not only by poverty and suffering,
but also by the revelation of John's marriage to


 Unity feels compassion for John as she sees
his despair and helplessness in the face of his
empty marriage that prevents his marrying Stella.


 Unity then learns that John is going
sailing for a day and resolves to take his and
Stella's unendurable situation into her own hands.


 Arriving at Louise's residence,
Unity -- recalling her savage beating at Louise's
hands -- has desperate plans.


 Stella and John, humbled by the sacrificial
"great soul" of Unity, look forward to a life of

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