Scenes from the movie

Jeff is so obsessed with the Wild West that he has a teepee, campfire, tree and cactus set up in the bedroom of his New York home. 

  A delegation from Bitter Creek, Arizona, wants Jeff's father to build a railroad in their town. When Jeff meets them, he says, "I suppose you buckaroos feel as though you must wear store clothes in New York."

Steve Shelby and Pedro realize that their illegal dealings with government supplies and the local Indians will be discovered when the representative from the Indian Service arrives in town.

Jeff rescues Nell from "Red Eye Dan."

Jeff's bullets must be changed to blanks before he hurts someone.

Pedro kidnaps Nell from the dance.

"This whole thing was planned to give you a good time, but something has gone wrong."

While Pedro is kidnapping Nell, Shelby is robbing the train.

Jeff has just rescued Nell from Pedro and leaves to go after Shelby. But, when he does, the Indians capture Nell.

Hail the hero! 

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