Scenes from the movie

 Earlier, the pickpocket had slipped a stolen wallet into Charlie's pocket to avoid getting caught with the evidence. Later, when he returns to retrieve the wallet, the cop catches the crook with his hand in Charlie's pocket. Thinking it's Charlie's wallet, the policeman returns it to the surprised tramp.

 Merna's abusive father, who is also the circus owner, would not let her eat the previous evening because she made a mistake on her bareback riding routine. The next morning, famished, she finds Charlie's piece of bread and begins devouring it. He jerks it away quickly -- looking at her suspiciously -- but then decides to share with her.

 The circus owner tries Charlie out in some tried and true comedy routines, but he fails at each one. Finally, blinded by shaving cream in his eyes, Charlie accidentally swipes the owner with a big brush full of cream, which brings down the owner's wrath and a quick dismissal from employment.

 Charlie is rehired, though, this time as a worker to help set up props. What he doesn't realize is that his blunders are drawing laughter from the crowds. The owner knows this, but keeps it a secret from Charlie, thereby getting a comedian for the price of a regular worker.

 Charlie overhears a fortune teller predict that Merna will find love and marriage with someone close to her. Thinking this means him, he is overcome with giddiness, jumping and skipping about the tent.

 Merna tells Charlie that he is the star of the show, so, using that as leverage, he tells the circus owner to stop mistreating the girl or he'll quit.

 When Rex, the tightrope walker disappears, Charlie takes his place in the show. However, he doesn't count on several monkeys getting in on the act!

 Charlie beats up the circus owner after another episode of abusing Merna, so he is fired. That night as he prepares something to eat on a campfire in the woods, Merna arrives at the campsite to tell him she has run away from the circus and wants to go with him.

 Realizing that it is better this way, Charlie arranges for Rex and Merna to get together, and they are married that evening. The next morning, when they return to the circus, Rex stops the owner as he is about to whip Merna again informing him she is now his wife.

 Merna and Rex agree to stay with the circus only if the owner will keep Charlie, as well. The owner agrees, but, unknown to Merna and Rex, Charlie stays behind as the wagons pull away.

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