As soon as Joel arrives at college, the boys begin pulling their pranks on him.

 Joel meets Abbie for the first time and begins to fall in love . . . for the first time.

 Joel is finally able to take Abbie to the soda shop, and the mischievous boys follow them, order sodas, and tell the owner that Joel is paying for them.

 "Don't look like a sheep," Abbie tells Joel. "Look like a regular Abraham Lincoln!"

 When Thompson chides Joel for bringing a "waitress" to the dance, Abbie is appalled not only at the comment, but that Joel does not come to her defense.

"My father was right. I ain't no good and I'm goin' home to die."

 He gets his chance to try out for the team, but he's so inept, the coach only makes him the mascot.

 When the coach runs out of pinch hitters in the big game, Joel gets his chance to prove his worth.

 Joel's success in the big game not only brings him the admiration of everyone at the college, it also changes his father's attitude toward his son.

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