Scenes from the movie

(Note: These images were not taken from the Image Entertainment release of "True Heart Susie" and, therefore, do not reflect the excellent quality of that release.)

 Childhood sweethearts.

 "After due ceremony, William leaves for college."

 "Oh, he's just a punk minister -- but I'm tired working -- haven't a cent left. I've got to marry somebody!"

 William and Bettina marry.

 "I hate this damn place!"

 "Did that man kiss you?"

 "Susie, I stole out -- went to a party -- and lost my key! I'll have to stay with you -- and you must lie for me!"

 On her deathbed.

 "How could I -- ever dream -- all this would come of your wife's going to our little party!"

 "Is it too late, Susie? I know now I have loved you all my life."

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