Scenes from the movie

 Margaret's large clay sculpture breaks and falls on her. She is paralyzed.

 The American doctor, Arthur Burdon, is the only one who can cure Margaret's paralysis. While Dr. Burdon operates, a strange observer looks on - Oliver Haddo - magician, hypnotist.

 Haddo lets himself into Margaret's studio and startles her as she is playing the piano.

 He shows her "strange things" in her mind - taking her to a bacchanalian revelry where she is "taken" by a Pan-like creature.

 Burdon reads Margaret's note saying she has married Haddo. Margaret's friend, Susie, is in tears.

 "Why, Margaret, if it isn't your unlucky suitor, the genial Dr. Burdon."

 Margaret is rescued by Burdon and placed in a sanitarium to rest from her ordeal.

 A creepy-looking Haddo approaches Margaret on the operating table.

 Haddo needs the heart blood of a fair maiden to create life. He plans to take it from Margaret.

 It appears Haddo has won his fight with Burdon and is about to throw his conquered foe into the furnace.

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