Ramon thinks he's just hearing sea stories from an old sailor, but Ramon's drink is drugged - and he's about to be shanghaied.

 Ramon's first meeting with Captain Kitchell - Kitchell knocks him to the deck.

 Ramon proves he can hold his own with the other sailors when he beats one of them in a fight.

 Moran's father tells her to go pilot the ship while he and the crew fight the deadly coal fumes.

 Ramon rescues what he thinks is the only living man from aboard the deadly ship - but it turns out to be Moran.

 Ramon checks on the safety of Moran as she sleeps, not realizing Kitchell is hiding behind the door. 

Kitchell, along with his Mexican bandit friends, plans to take over the ship and kill the crew. However, the ship's Chinaman cook overhears their plans, and Ramon, Moran and the crew await the attack. 

 When they return to San Diego, Ramon goes to a local hotel to call him family and report he's well. Coincidentially, his former friends are having a party there and welcome him back.

 No one realized Kitchell was hidden down in the hold after the fight with the Mexican bandits was won. When the crew and Ramon go ashore in San Diego, Moran chooses to stay behind. Kitchell takes advantage of their absence.

 All's well that ends well.

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