Scenes from the movie

Clinch, McIntosh and Peck come to see for themselves that Rufus is a good risk for a $100,000 loan after the doctors declared him physically fit. Doctor Seaver and Aunt Beulah look on.

 Dolores looks at Rufus with disdain. She knows he's not really sick.

 Rufus has never driven a car, but decides to buy one and take it out to the racetrack to "make her go." As expected, the result is an accident.

 Clinch, McIntosh and Peck agreed to loan Rufus $100,000 on condition that they get his entire inheritance - $750,000 - when he receives it in three years - that is, provided he lives that long! Dolores tries to convince them to let Rufus out of the agreement in favor of a more typical loan. They refuse.

 Even though he hasn't fully recovered from the car crash, Rufus decides to try motorcyling for the first time in his life.

 Of course, he has an accident on the motorcycle, too. When he returns, and Dolores sees him all cut, bruised and muddy, he tries to strike a nonchalant pose as if nothing is wrong.

 When Dolores breaks down and cries at his reckless stunts, it's obvious she really cares for him.

 Clinch, McIntosh and Peck have been beside themselves with worry every time Rufus has tried one of his life-threatening stunts. Now they find out he is going to paint a flagpole atop a skyscraper.

 Rufus is determined he is going to conquer his fears, and climbs up the flapole that sits on top of a skyscraper high above the city ready to paint it. What he doesn't know is that workers are unbolting the flagpole where it is attached to the building below the roof and out of his sight.

 The kiss . . . and fade out.

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