Scenes from the movie

The rough ride on the antique train jams Willie's head into the hat when they hit a bump.

 One of the Canfield sons is courteous and helpful to the new stranger in town until he learns Willie is a McKay. The Canfield son then goes in a variety of places along the way to borrow a gun so he can kill Willie.

 In a moment of chivalry, Willie goes to stop a husband from beating his wife. Is he surprised when the wife begins hitting him for interfering in their business!

 As long as he's in the Canfield house, he knows their "code" regarding hospitality will not let them harm him - therefore, he's very reluctant to leave after dinner that evening.

 When a piece of sheet music blows out the door, the girl asks Willie to retrieve it. The only problem is that one of the Canfield boys is standing right outside the door waiting on Willie to step from the house so he can shoot him.

 One of the best gags has Willie run from the house in a dress and carrying a parasol. When the Canfields finally track him down, they take aim. Just at the last moment, the dress and parasol turn, and we see that it was attached to the rear of a horse.

 Foreshadowing "The General," we see Willie loading wood from the tender into the engine. However, the two cars begin to separate, and Willie can't figure out which way to go.

 What a predicament! High up on the edge of a waterfall, Willie has a rope tied to him that he can't untie - and it's attached at the other end to a floating log. The only thing keeping him from being dragged over the edge is that the log caught on some rocks before going over.

Willie and the girl embrace after he has saved her from going over the waterfall.

All's well that ends well.

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