Scenes from the movie

 Sophy chides Murdock for opening the bathroom window -- adding to the dissatisfaction he feels toward his wife.

When they meet Julia Raeburn on a camping trip, Charley introduces his dad as his older brother. 

 Unexpectedly, a romance develops during the three weeks on the camping/hunting trip, but Murdock feels he must tell Julia the truth -- that he's married.

 Blagden, Murdock's secretary, arranges to have Julia's handkerchief discovered by Sophy among her husband's things.

 On a trip to New York, Murdock reluctantly agrees to accompany his womanizing business partner, Berkeley -- Berkeley's mistress, Jessie -- and Jessie's friend, Viola, to a night club so he can "forget."

 When Berkeley leaves the nightclub with another woman, Jessie shows up at his apartment with a gun.

 The newspapers mistakenly claim Berkeley and a "business partner" fought over a woman resulting in Berkeley's death. Sophy accuses Julia of being that other woman.

 As newspaper reporters look on, Murdock kisses Viola before departing for Europe together.

 As Murdock hands her a check, he tells Viola, "You have rendered me a great service. I am leaving Venice tomorrow -- and in return, I want to secure your future before we part."

 Murdock's new secretary tells Julia the truth about Viola.

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