Scenes from the movie

Clem tries to convince the city editor to give him a chance as a reporter. The look on the editor's face tells it all!

 Clem sees a girl slip out a back window of the dead DA's house and chases after her. She jumps in her car, pushes him away, and speeds away.

 "The District Attorney was sweet on her . . . maybe she got peeved and bumped him off," the mysterious man outside the DA's house tells Clem.

 Clem got the scoop on the murder and a front page story. Now he's reveling in his new position as reporter - and annoying the other reporters in the process.

 "If I were a man, I'd punch you in the nose."

 Marie wants to know what will happen if she refuses to remain hidden away and kept "prisoner" in the old house. Van pulls out his gun as the answer to her question.

 Acting the drunk, Clem tells Van he "broke" one candidate and plans to "break" another - referring to Van's boss, Robert Blake.

 Van walks in just as Clem is getting a signed statement from Marie about the DA's murder.

 The newspaper photo showing Clem's capture of Van.

 The inevitable kiss before the fade out.

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