Scenes from the movie

 Durand threatens Paul and tells him he will be back the next day to collect the money that Paul's deceased father owed him.

When Durand finds Ruth in the woods, he brings her back to the saloon and "gives" her to the owner, Madame Boussut. 

 Paul unexpectedly spends the money he has been saving for an operation on his knee to buy Ruth a beautiful dress for her birthday.

 Durand tries to force himself on Ruth.

 When Durand laughingly tells Paul that he killed his pet rabbit and that Paul has been eating his own pet, the young man becomes furious.

 When Paul jumps Durand for killing his rabbit, Durand gets the better of Paul forcing him to eat even more of the pet.

 Silas Hamm finally finds Ruth, grabs her and demands to know where the elephant is.

 Paul and Ruth race down the river with Durand close behind in pursuit.

 Paul and Durand fight with knives. Durand vows to kills Paul.

All's well that end's well.

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