Scenes from the movie

Mary Turner is in jail for stealing from her employer - Gilder Emporium, although she vehemently denies that she stole anything.

 Before being taken to prison, she asks to see Gilder. Although she pleads with him to pay fair wages to his workers, he dismisses her with a wave of his hand. Mary vows that he will pay for every minute she spends behind bars.

 After Mary is released from prison, her inability to make a living causes her to attempt suicide by jumping in the river. Joe Garson rescues her and takes her to Aggie Lynch's apartment.

A year later: "The results of a few successful breach of promise suits - due to Aggie's winsomeness and Mary's cleverness."

Aggie tells the detective, "But, Mr. Cassidy! We haven't broken the law!" then adds, "Well, maybe we've bent it a little."

 Joe brings English Eddie to meet Mary. "Eddie has a job he wants to pull that will net us half a million," he says.

Mary shocks Gilder when she tells him that she is the girl he sent to prison four years ago. "You owe me for all that, and I have just begun to collect!" she tells him.

 "Joe, you've broken your promise to me. For God's sake, leave this house before it's too late!"

 Mary is interrogated by Inspector Burke for the murder of English Eddie.

 Finally, Richard learns the truth about her unjust imprisonment.

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