Scenes from the movie

"You've got spirit. You're hired."

 On opening night, Kiki falls out of line with the other chorus girls, eventually tumbling into the orchestra pit and through the harp strings.

 Kiki cries when she gets her dismissal letter from Renal. He takes pity on her when she tells him she spent her last "sou" on clothes in which to audition for the show.

 Paulette: "This is a great evening for you, dearie. I can't imagine that you drink champagne often."

Kiki: "No --- as a rule I bathe in it. The bubbles tickle my skin so --"

 Renal tries to get passionate with Kiki back at his home, but she slaps him.

 Adolphe warns Kiki, "Don't you understand? You're eating the master's breakfast!" Kiki is unmoved.

 Baron Rapp tells Kiki that Renal no longer wants her in the house and wants him to take her away. "I can do so much more for you than he could. You'll have anything your little heart desires."

 Kiki is heartbroken when she opens the door and sees Renal and Paulette embrace.

Feigning catalepsy, Kiki is perfectly rigid - so much so that Renal is able to prop her up against the footboard of the bed.

Renal: "You little fraud -- why did you invent this cataleptic fit?"

Kiki: "So I wouldn't have to leave. When the doctor said catalepsy could last for two years -- I fell for that disease strong."

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