Scenes from the movie

 "You are going to be my friend, aren't you?"

  Even when beaten by the revolutionaries, Sergei continues to follow the instructions of the Countess (posing as a peasant girl) and insist that he is her wife.

 "Take this man to Ivan, the gatekeeper. Have him fed . . . and given employement."

  Sergei walks up on the Captain and the Countess as they are kissing. He is jealous and reluctant to shake the Captain's hand.

  Ivan continues to indoctrinate Sergei that things are going to change - he will be equal with any other man. "Then I could kiss her . . . like the Captain kisses her?" Sergei asks.

  "You don't go after that Countess," Ivan tells Sergei. "I'm going to have her first!"

  "Kiss me . . . like you kissed that Captain!"

  The Countess lies for Sergei and tells the Captain he has been loyal to her and has protected her. "Then I leave you to protect her again," the Captain tells him.

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