Scenes from the movie

American travelers Travis and his friend, Al, have just rescued a German girl, Marie, after the Orient Express crashes on a rainy night.

 Travis fights with the lecherous Nickoloff after he tries to sneak into Marie's bedroom at the inn.

 War has broken out and Al shows Travis his enlistment papers.

 After watching a parade of American soldiers in Paris, Travis tells Marie, "They're my people, Marie -- don't you understand? I'm a traitor not to go!"

 Having lost touch with Travis after he joins the Army, Marie returns to her profession as a dancer. Coincidentally, she encounters Nickoloff in one of the clubs where they are performing. He threatens to reveal that she is a German and claim she is a spy unless she agrees to meet him later.

 Condemned as a spy, Marie faces a firing squad.

 Noah's ark under construction.

 Miriam is about to be sacrified by King Nephilim to the god Jaghuth.

Japheth carries Miriam through the rising waters up the ramp to the ark's entrance.


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