Scenes from the movie

"Your song nice . . .

your face nice, too."

 Slater runs Henry off his ship. "I'll have no heathens on this ship!" he tells him.

 Later, when Slater realizes Henry is the owner of the cocoanut crop he wants, he suddenly becomes friendly to the young man. "My dear Mr. Shoesmith . . . it is a great pleasure to meet you." As can be seen, though, Henry can't take his eyes of Tito.

"I am raising Tito to associate with white people - not with your kind! You half caste! You sun-baked Pagan!"

 "I won't have women of your kind near anything that belongs to me," Slater tells Madge.

 "Henry, the money you have been borrowing from the bank . . . is my money!"

Henry steals Tito away from her wedding to Slater.

 In a mountain hut that Henry has, the two feel safe from Slater. However, their solitude is short-lived.

 Tito recoils in horror as Slater prepares to beat her.

 "No, no! Don't kill me!" Slater begs Henry.

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