Scenes from the movie

 "Get out of this town you shameless pauper!"

Jean is about to escape from the detectives by jumping from the moving train. 

The concierge tries to seduce Marise. "Must I go through this again?"

 Finally turning to prostitution, Marise tries to use her wiles on a rough bar patron to get the large roll of cash he has.

 After searching for Marise for years, he accidentally finds her and is appalled by her appearance - as well as her obvious profession.

 "I waited so long . . . but you didn't come back --"

 "I don't know her," Jean tells the bar crowd. "Let Toad have her . . . That's all she's fit for now."

 "The girl is in the Hospital Saint Louis - dying," Bobo tells Jean - but warns him that if he goes there, the police are sure to capture him.

 Jean goes to the hospital anyway, and the police are waiting to send him to prison.

Jean returns from prison.

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