Scenes from the movie

 "Do you believe all women to be bad?"


 Sappho's lover, Bertink, finds her and Richard in her apartment. He points a gun at them. Sappho walks slowly over to him and takes the gun away.

  "I want to be free! I'm in love!"

  Bertink tells Richard it is Sappho who has driven his brother, Andreas, mad.

  "Sappho and Bertink flirt with one another in the backseat of a speeding car driven by Andreas who watches them jealously in the rearview mirror.

 Teddy tells Sappho that Richard is to be married the next day.

"He marries? He has forgotten me!"

  Even on his wedding day, Richard cannot stop thinking of Sappho.

 Sappho spies Richard on the floor below from her balcony seat at the Carnivale. 

  Richard grabs her angrily and demands, "Was that your new lover up there in the box?"

  Richard is locked out of the room, and Andreas attacks Sappho.


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