Scenes from the movie

 "I know I'm not exciting -- but I love you,

Arden. I wish you'd marry me."


  "There are many theories bout love --

but only one answer: equality --

and perfect freedom."

  Arden and Packy sails the

South Seas on a romantic


  "But you're not taking me home?

We'll still go on -- together?"

  "Marry me, Arden -- let me take care

of you. That's all I ask --"

 "How long do we travel on this rotten

river before we reach the

'All Alone'?" Packy asks. He is

told, "Nearly a month, sir." 

  Husband and ex-lover finally meet.

 "Packy -- I'll go with you --

anywhere -- anywhere --

in the world --!" 

  Tommy holds a gun on Packy.

"Coffee and pistols for two?" Packy

asks. "For one," Tommy replies.

  Tommy prepares for a hunting trip

where an "accident" is to take place.


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