starring Rin Tin Tin and Dorothy Dwan
June, 1927

Rin-Tin-Tin's new picture is "Hills of Kentucky," and it is well worth seeing, in the same way that all Rinty's pictures are. The title explains the location of the story, and when you are told that the canine star is The Gray Ghost, a wild dog who leads his pack into all sorts of predatory adventures, until he is tamed by human kindness - a chilkd's kindness - you need not know any more of the story.

The players in Rinty's support are Dorothy Dwan, as a dainty school ma'am, Jason Robards, who has cause, with Hamlet, to say, "Oh, would that this too, too solid flesh would melt," and Tom Santschi, as well as Billy Kent Schaeffer, the remarkable child actor, who attracted attention in "The Home Maker two years ago.

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