starring Aileen Pringle, John Gilbert
October 4, 1924

If you are the kind of person who calls out the local constable "to stop those couples spooning in the park," then "His Hour" is not for you. Never in our screen-going career have we seen such amorous goings-on, such kissing, such . . . well!

Of course it's an Elinor Glyn story, and you know what that means - an English noblewoman, a romantic Russian prince, and a spirited wooing. All this in a beautifully picturesque background of Russia and snow and De Mille orgies, with the handsome prince making eyes, fighting duels and breaking hearts.

John Gilbert plays the hero in the most ardent manner - just wait until the fans see him in this - and Aileen Pringle makes an exquisite heroine. A newcomer, Carrie Clarke Ward, is delightful in a minor role as a gossipy princess.

This is certainly not the sort of thing to uplift the movies or make the censors happy, unless they like to work. We merely give it a good rating for what it sets out to be; it's extremely well done. And we must make one suggestion for orchestrating this picture - the one perfect accompaniment for these amorous six reels is "Kiss Me Again."

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