starring Harold Lloyd and Jobyna Ralston
February 1925

At the risk of being called an old persimmon, I am going to come right out and admit that "Hot Water" wasn't as funny to me as most of Harold Lloyd's pictures. It is, in spite of some gorgeous moments, his weakest effort in a long time. For one thing, I have a deep prejudice agains mother-in-law jokes, and "Hot Water" is mostly just a long mother-in-law joke. The big laugh at the end is when Harold gets boiled and tries to chloroform the old lady. Even the comic papers are hesitant about descending to such gags as that.

But, to look on the cheery side of things, "Hot Water" has some priceless episodes that are typical of Lloyd at his best. The scene of the family out in the new Butterlfy touring car aree gorgeious and Harold's adventures with the turkey are great. It is the climax that is the weak spot in the film and it is a prettty tough blow to this reviewer when Harold falls down at the speedy climax.

starring Harold Lloyd and Jobyna Ralston
November 1, 1924

Harold Lloyd has done it again. "Hot Water" proves that the spectacled comedian is the most consistent laugh producer in the business. He has given us laughs at a furious rate in his latest picture. Watching Harold take a live turkey home in a street car is alone worth the price of admission, and his moments of inebriation, where he serves dinner to his astonished family, is a downright howl.

"Hot Water" is better than "Girl Shy." It moves faster, and it gives us back more of the old Harold Lloyd than we have seen for some time. Here we see our favorite boy friend as a young married man surrounded by a surplus of relations. Of course, he must get rid of them. One of the most hilarious automobiles rides I have ever seen convinces him of this. But it is the last reel which is chock-a-block with furious fun that helps Harold clear his home. Believing that he has murdered his mother-in-law, the comedian goes through moments of comic agony that are unsurpassed. Jobyna Ralston is delightful as the little bride, and the rest of the cast, especially Josephine Crowell, the ma-in-law, are deserving of high honors. You will like "Hot Water." It is the best comedy of the month and then some. But Harold always guarantees us the best of fun, and I am sure we will never be disappointed.

starring Harold Lloyd and Jobyna Ralston
January 1925

Harold Lloyd is at the crossroads of comedy. He can go on presenting variations of the old farcical themes or he can venture further into the field of comic characterization. He can go ahead with adroitly developed farcical incident or he can humanize and mellow his humor.

"Hot Water" isn't a particularly impressive indication of what he can do. Surely it follows the path of least resistance. It is brimful of hokum, with a complete revue of the mother-in-law wheeze, the comedy automobile, the commuter with the bundles and the frightened-by-a-ghost episodes so familiar to celluloid farce.

Right here let us explain that "Hot Water" is funny. It has many laughs. But it is old stuff, nevertheless. Jobyna Ralston is pleasant enough, if rather colorless here.

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