Starring John Gilbert and Jeanne Eagels
February 1928

With that title, a hero like John Gilbert and Jeanne Eagels making her screen debut in this picture, everyone will go to it all steamed up for something red hot. Let this be a warning - because "Man, Woman and Sin" is very, very tepid. John Gilbert as an innocent boy goes about in a daze, a whole flock of ideals and principles cramping his style terribly. Jeanne Eagels is a bad girl, it is true, but you have to take the director's word for it. We are told this is based on Monta Bell's life story. A cub reporter on a Washington newspaper meets the society editor, loves her like the pure young man he is and kills her lover. He goes to jail, and then gets out, and is right back where he started from. We would like to look on sympathetically while Mr. Bell reviews the past, but we cannot suppress the fact that there is no story, no drama and no good acting.

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