starring Brigitte Helm
June, 1927

In "Metropolis," a German picture of great magnitude, the producers set out to show what life in a big city may be a hundred years hence. It is weird and fantastic, symbolic rather than sympathetic, but interesting as the only picture of its kind ever seen in this country.

The huge city is built by John Masterman who represents capital. The manufacturing plants of Masterman are built underground, and far below these is the city of the workmen. Only the lords of creation live where there are air and sunlight. Ratwang, an inventor, creates a figure which has every appearance and function of a human being. He calls it Efficiency, but it has no soul. He succeeds in giving it a soul, however, as well as the appearance of a girl named Mary, whom the workmen love. This counterfeit Mary is an evil spirit which creates havoc instead of good, and the city is nearly reduced to ruins. In the end, an allegorical scene brings capital and labor together in perfect harmony.
'Metropolis" is brilliantly imaginative, but interesting on the score of the settings and other technical merits rather than its appeal to the emotions. The cast is made up of strangers - capable ones.

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