Starring Bobby Harron and Mae Marsh
March 1920

Simply because my space has been so crowded of late, I have not heretofore reviewed this picture, but I feel that I must work in a few lines concerning it. Taken from Griffith's "Intolerance" of several years ago and re-edited, it shows more clearly than ever his supreme power in portraying tragedy. His picture of the fate of the little wife is so pathetic as to actually hurt not only one's throat glands, but one's chest as well. And here we have positive proof that Griffith makes his actors, for Mae Marsh's portrayal is worthy of a Bernhardt, a Nazimova or a Barrymore. Yet never after her departure from the Griffith fold did she do anyting that even scratched the surface of our emotions. Miriam Cooper, too, is nothing short of marvelous, altho, I found Bobby Harron not quite capable of appearing rough.

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