starring Douglas Fairbanks and Marguerite De LaMotte
June, 1921

After turning out that delightful romantic comedy, "The Mark of Zorro," Douglas Fairbanks does an awful flop with "The Nut" (United Artists). The story is credited to one Kenneth Davenport, but it is actually a mélange of slapstick farce trickery after the style of Harold Lloyd. The main item is the theft of wax figures from a museum.

All this moves around the efforts of Doug, as an eccentric Greenwich Villager, to win the love of a philanthropic young woman, also dwelling in that region of sightseers and futuristic tea-rooms. You will find "The Nut" episodic, funny momentarily in one or two places, but dull in the main.

Video source: Kino, Grapevine, Critic's Choice, Glenn Video

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