Alta Allen

Alta Allen was born in 1904 in Oakland, Ca. Her mother was born in Scotland, and her father was a well known "character man" on the West Coast (it is not clear if this is in the theatre or in film). She had her first professional acting job as Beth in "Little Women" at age 10 at the Bishop's (later Fulton) Theatre in Oakland. She later worked in ingenue parts in the Fairmont Follies in San Francisco. She made one picture for Universal, "A Shocking Night" with Eddie Lyons, before signing a two-year contract with Fox; however, she only made one picture for Fox, "Skirts' (1921), a slapstick farce with Clyde Cook and Chester Conklin. She broke her contract with Fox to freelance, and was picked up by Max Linder for the feminine lead in "Seven Years Bad Luck." Later that same year, she co-starred with him in "Be My Wife." She made one picture for Hampton Del Ruth in 1922, "The Marriage Cheat" opposite Milton Sills. Her next films didn't come until 1924 when she made "A Self-Made Failure" for J.K. McDonald Productions with Ben Alexander and Lloyd Hamilton, and a western, "Daring Chances" for Universal with Jack Hoxie. Her final screen appearance was in 1926 in Universal's "The Set-Up," a western starring Art Acord. Nothing more is known about her life.

Selected films of this star available for viewing:

Be My Wife (1921)

Seven Years Bad Luck (1921)

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