Charley Chase

Selected films of this star available for viewing:

Many short from the Hal Roach studios such as:

All Wet (1924)

April Fool 91924)

Bad Boy (1925)

The Caretaker's Daughter (1925)

The Uneasy Three (1925)

What Price Goofy (1925)

His Wooden Wedding (1925)

Isn't Life Terrible? (1925)

Innocent Husbands (1925)

Mum's the Word (1926)

Long Fliv the King (1926)

Mighty Like a Moose (1926)

Crazy Like a Fox (1926)

Dog Shy (1926)

Bromo and Juliet (1926)

Be Your Age 91926)

Mama Behave (1926)


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