Ethel Grey Terry

Selected films of this star available for viewing:

The Penalty (1920)

Brass (1923)

GREY TERRY, Ethel (b. October 2, 1882 Oakland, CA; d. January 6, 1931 Hollywood, CA) Ethel began her career as a classical dancer working under the direction of Belasco and the Shuberts. She began her career on the stage at two years of age, later being educated at Notre Dame Academy in Boston, then going to New York to pursue a career on the stage. On Broadway she appeared in 'The Lily' with Julia Dean, 'The Only Son,' 'Search Me' with Montagu Love and 'Honor Be Damned!' with William Courtleigh. Ethel made her screen debut in 1914 and went on to play roles as society women. In 1922 she played the role of Calamity Jane opposite William S. Hart and it was around this time, her career started to slip. Ethel was the wife of actor Carl Gerard and daughter of actress Lillian Lawrence with whom she's interred. She died from an illness she'd suffered for over a year.

Photo and biography courtesy of Tony Luke Scott. The biography is from Mr. Scott's book "The Stars of Hollywood Forever 1901-2006" -

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